One hair salon. Seven haircuts. Seven experiences of exile. The documentary stars the owner of the salon, Fernando “Pablo” Mupapa, as he unfolds from the haircut ritual to open himself up to the voices and reports of immigrants from the Democratic Republic of Congo living in Brazil. Through a connection with Africa, the dialogues between Pablo and his clients recorded by the filmmakers reveal assertions of identity and the dream of an anti-imperialist revolution. (G. B.)




Luciana Bezerra, Gustavo Melo, Pedro Rossi

Gustavo Melo is a screenwriter and director. He has been a member of the group Nós do Morro since 1996, where he currently works as a teacher-monitor. He directed the short films "Picolé, Pintinho e Pipa" (2007), screened at the Huesca and Biarritz festivals and "A Distração de Ivan" (2009), in co-direction with Cavi Borges. Luciana Bezerra is a screenwriter, audiovisual director, actor, and president of the group Nós do Morro. Her short film "Mina de Fé" (2004) won the awards for Best Short Film at the 37th Brasília Film Festival and Curta Cinema 2004, and has been screened in more than 10 countries. Pedro Rossi is a filmmaker and producer, having directed with José Joffily the documentary "Caminho de Volta" (2015) and, in 2021, "Depois da Primavera", co-directed with Isabel Joffily, screened at festivals such as Panorama de Cinema and Rencontres de Toulouse.



Isabel Joffily


Isabel Joffily, Pedro Rossi


Pedro Rossi


Pedro Rossi


Jussimar Teixeira


Pedro Franco