“She’s old, old, the woman / arsonist / perpetual apprentice”, reads a verse by Adrienne Rich, the poet who serves as inspiration for the film’s title, in which an arsonist lesbian, like all those who came before and all those who shall come after, relocates herself in the world after meeting a group of young lesbians in the city of Niterói. The body becomes a crossroads to celebrate “your time”, a time always in the present, which reasons with the archival images of all those who have fought desire from within, and the life projections that emerge from other combinations of love. *(C.A)



Érica Sarmet

Born in Niterói/RJ and based in São Paulo, Érica Sarmet is a screenwriter, director and researcher. Doctoral Candidate in Audiovisual Media and Processes at ECA-USP, she holds an MA in Communication (Cinema and Audiovisual) and a BA in Media Studies from UFF. Director and screenwriter of the short films "Latifúndio" (2017) and "Uma Paciência Selvagem Me Trouxe Até Aqui" (2021). She is currently developing a fiction feature film screenplay for MYMAMA and is focused on the pre-production of her next film, the documentary "Vollúpya".



Lívia Perez, Silvia Sobral, Érica Sarmet


Érica Sarmet


Zélia Duncan (Ator Principal), Bruna Linzmeyer (Ator Principal), Camila Rocha (Ator Principal), Clarissa Ribeiro (Ator Principal), Lorre Motta (Ator Principal)


Cris Lyra


Clarissa Ribeiro, Bem Medeiros


Mariana Graciotti


Natália Carrera

Art Director

Lívia Charret