In the summer of 2006, the director’s father installs a surveillance camera in the street of his house, in the so-called Palestinian “ghetto” in the city of Ramle, which captures more than the act of vandalism he sought to expose. Transforming this ordinary archive into a filmic device, like an anchor clinging to the harshness of everyday life, Aljafari investigates the trifle major events that make up this community, revealing poetry amid a horizon of pixelated aridness. He takes the images as signs of affection and memories, ensuring an unescapable existence to these lives that vibrate with intensity. *(C.I and C.A)



Kamal Aljafari

Kamal Aljafari is a filmmaker and visual artist who graduated from the Kunsthochschule für Medien (Academy of Media Arts) in Cologne, Germany. He was a featured artist at the 2009 Robert Flaherty Film Seminar in New York, and in 2009-10 was the Benjamin White Whitney fellow at Harvard University’s Radcliffe Institute and Film Study Center.



Kamal Aljafari


Abedeljalil Aljafari


Kamal Aljafari


Kamal Aljafari