Short film written, directed, and starring Maya Deren following her debut work “Meshes of The Afternoon” (1943). The first scene depicts the sea, a recurring element in the work of the Ukrainian choreographer and filmmaker, in a film which defies categorization, inviting us to plunge into a woman’s journey through different times, scenarios, and subjectivities. The formalist intention of the work, with its singular spatial discontinuity, coexists with the fluidity of bodies in incessant movement, culminating in a cardinal work for which there are no certainties, only multiple possibilities. (C. I.)



Maya Deren

Born in Ukraine, Maya Deren (1917-1961) spent most of her life in the United States, where she devoted herself to filmmaking and film theory as well as poetry, dance, choreography, and photography. A seminal figure of American avant-garde cinema, she directed, in collaboration with Alexander Hammid, one of the most notorious and influential short films in the history of experimental cinema, "Meshes of The Afternoon" (1943).



Maya Deren


John Cage, Parker Tyler, Alexander Hammid


Alexander Hammid, Hella Heyman