Traveling without borders between Brazil’s northeastern hinterlands and the swamps of northern Germany, between drought and abundance, the filmmakers register the human race’s complex and pivotal relationship with water. Travelling across oceans through a simple cut, the film flows between imagination, chronicle, and rehearsal, proposing unexpected images, thoughts, and constructions with each new scene. If the climatic apocalypse seems increasingly inevitable, it seems especially relevant to review the human condition with an open eye in the face of the planet’s constitutive element. *(E.V)



Philipp Hartmann, Danilo Carvalho

Hartmann directed "Virar Mar / Meer Werden / Becoming Sea"  (2020), "From the 84 Days" (2021), "El Argentino (2021)", "66KINOS" (2017) and "Time Goes By Like A Roaring Lion" (2013). Carvalho sound engineer and sound designer for directors such as Karim Aïnouz (Brazil), Hilton Lacerda (Brazil) or Margarita Hernandez (Cuba). Directed the films "Supermemórias (2010), "Virar Mar / Meer Werden / Becoming Sea" (2020) and "Torquato Imagem da Incompletude" (2020).



Tardo Filmes Ticiana Lima, Philipp Hartmann, Danilo Carvalho, Sancho & Punta


Filmfest Hamburg