How to register the world of children? Between the possibility of radical distancing – represented by the projected idealization of childhood fantasy, an imaginative locus that has been lost by the adult world – and adhesion – inevitably impossible within a universe of experience all the while foreign and familiar – Manoela Ziggiati chooses, in a context of family record, to film time: the discovery of the pitfalls of love, an encounter of both worlds at some coincident moment, both adult and children. *(E.B)


Manoela Ziggiatti

Manoela Ziggiatti is an editor and documentary filmmaker with a BA from EICTV, Cuba. In 2012, she premiered her feature documentary "Pulsações" at the Guadalajara Festival and, in 2015, her short film "O Voo" (best Latin American short at Fic Valdivia 2016). She has worked as an editor on several fiction films, documentaries, and series. She is a partner at Avoa Filmes and member of Coletivo Vermelha, researching and developing actions pertaining to the participation and representation of women within the audiovisual sector.



Max Eluard


Vitor Ziggiatti Fernandes (Ator Principal), Leon Ferreira Kmentt (Ator Principal)


Manoela Ziggiatti


Manoela Ziggiatti


Lucas Coelho, Pedro Emílio Sá


Natalia Mallo