Naiana (played by Rosalina Tamiza) abandons Canindé and Diego’s friendship (played by Maricota) to teach at a public school in Búzios, where a mysterious murder takes place. Following from this event, a group of young vampires, travelling between the northeast and southeast of the country, turn their own monstrosity into positivity and reclaim death as eternal life. The combination of the graphic violence of horror with experimentalism and social commentary renders this production (collective and low budget, awarded in Tiradentes) a mutant and heterodox allegory of contemporary Brazil. (C. M)




Jorge Polo, Petrus de Bairros

Petrus de Bairros directed the feature film Buraco Negro (2017) and the short film Roques de Quarto (2017). He is an editor and screenwriter and has worked in films such as Tremor Iê (2019), Boca de Loba (2018), and Com o Terceiro Olho na Terra da Profanação (2016). Jorge Polo directed the short films Roques de Quarto (2017), Antes da Encanteria (2016), Carruagem Rajante (2016), Corações Sangrantes (2015), Hiperselva (2014), in addition to being a screenwriter, editor, and illustrator. They both graduated in Cinema from the Fluminense Federal University.



Petrus de Bairros, Jorge Polo, Matheus Peçanha


Petrus de Bairros, Jorge Polo


Rosalina Tamiza, Maricota, Lucas Inácio Nascimento, Noá Bonoba, Jupyra Carvalho, Heloise Sá, Paula Haesny, Ana Manoela, Mariana Costa


Helena Lessa, Catu Rizo, Irene Bandeira, Lívia de Paiva, Juliana di Lello, Pedro Lessa


Isabela Vitório, Jorge Polo, Petrus de Bairros


Gustavo Pires, Elena Meirelles, Pedro Henrique, Akira Band

Art Director

Lua Margot Rodrigues, Ana Luiza dos Santos, Luiza Victorio, Patrícia Cavalheiro, Filipe Arara, Paulo Victor Soares


23a Mostra de Cinema de Tiradentes