Cássio is a young transgender person undergoing hormone therapy and determined to have a conversation with their elderly father about it, when the COVID-19 pandemic derails their plans. Amidst social isolation, a lockdown inside a small apartment, a virtual social life, and a severe political crisis in his country, Cássio tries to build up the courage to follow through with the plan. Living and recording this context becomes an attempt to bring these two people together. *(M.M)


Cássio Kelm

Cássio Kelm (Dê Kelm/Denise Kelm), studied directing at EICTV, in Cuba. Kelm directed 15 short films, awarded and screened at several festivals. "Soy" (2017) won the Special Jury Prize for IDFA student documentaries. "Mães do Derick" (2020) is the filmmaker’s first feature film, screened at the Turin International Film Festival, in Italy. The film received Special Mention at the Mix Brasil Festival. He is a non-binary transmasculine person and manages the production company Haver Filmes.



Cássio Kelm


Cássio Kelm


Cássio Kelm


Luiz Lepchak