Consolidating his creative partnership with the miners of Huanuni, the director radicalizes his long-standing stylistic and thematic investigations in his debut feature film. We follow Elder Mamani (Julio Cezar Ticona), a nonconforming young man who, after the death of his father, takes his place in the village mine where his family originated. Faced with inherited responsibilities, and resorting to alcohol as a possible escape, he stumbles across a dark secret. Dexterously bridging fictional and documentary regimes, Russo immerses himself in the harshness of daily work, edifying the strength of collective bonds. (C. I.)



Kiro Russo

Born in La Paz, Kiro Russo has a degree in film direction from the University of Film Studies in Buenos Aires. He directed 4 short films and his debut feature, "Dark Skull" (2016), shot in 16mm, has been selected in over 80 festivals and won 23 awards, including the Special Jury Mention at the Locarno Film Festival in 2016 and the Jury Award at the Valdivia FF. His second feature film, "The Great Movement", won the special jury award at the Venice International Film Festival (2022) and has been screened in several festivals around the world.



Kiro Russo, Gilmar Gonzales, Pablo Paniagua


Gilmar Gonzales, Kiro Russo


Julio César Ticona, Narciso Choquecallata, Anastasia Daza, Rolando Patzi


Pablo Paniagua


Pablo Paniagua, Kiro Russo


Marcelo Guzman, Gilmar Gonzales

Art Director

Carlos Piñeiro