A short-film directed by Pablo Paniagua, a collaborator of Kiro Russo and cinematographer in his films, “Valediction” weaves a sensitive portrait of Victor Gourianov, one of many Russian expatriates who arrived in Argentina in the early 1990s. Exploring the sensorial dimension of 16mm texture, with refined sound work and addressing topics such as migration and memory, this short documentary-homage is the result of the friendship between director and character, a relationship that leaves its imprint on the filmic result. (C. I.)



Pablo Paniagua

Born in Bolivia, Pablo Paniagua is a cinematographer and producer. Graduated from Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has worked making films in Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil and Peru and is the winner of Best Cinematography ADF Award in the International Competition BAFICI XIX, among other awards. His short film, "Valediction", won the jury mention at BAFICI XVII and his first feature film as producer and cinematographer, “Dark Skull", won 27 International prizes. He currently works independently in La Paz, Bolivia.



Victor Gourianov (Ator Principal - Victor Gourianov)


Pablo Paniagua


Pablo Paniagua


Kiro Russo