On a field trip to the Leipzig Museum of Fine Arts, girls are invited to share their observations about the works on display. From the seemingly simple expedient emerges a shrewd and heterogeneous set of ideas that not only revisit historically representative discussions to feminist critique, but also challenge our adult gazes to observe the world from new angles. What do these girls see when they visit a museum? How can art history, as narrated by institutional spaces, be reappraised through their perspectives? *(C.M)



Shelly Silver

Quoting from the established genres of experimental, documentary, and fiction film and television, Shelly Silver’s work is funny, poetic and formally beautiful, seducing the viewer into pondering such difficult issues as the cracks in our most common assumptions, the impossibility of a shared language, and the ambivalent and yet overwhelming need to belong to – a family, a nation, a gender, an ideology.  



Shelly Silver


Online Streaming Program at National Gallery of Art
DOK Leipzig