Counter to the socially stratified imagery regarding the AIDS epidemic in Brazil and the everyday serophobia directed at people living with HIV, the documentary film strives to remodel and appropriate these overly codified terms and images, turning its focus to seven artists and an activist doctor in their life stories, desires, and perceptions. Alongside the interviews underpinning the film and echoing the provocation in the title, the work ventures towards artistic forms and discourses as a possibility for critical elaborations and assertion of life in the present. *(C.I)


Fábio Leal, Gustavo Vinagre

Fábio Leal is a director, screenwriter, and actor. He directed the short films "O Porteiro do Dia" (2016) and "Reforma" (2018). He is currently developing his first fiction feature film, "O Vale dos Homossexuais". Gustavo Vinagre holds a BA in Literature from USP. He holds a BA in screenplay from the EICTV, Cuba. He has directed several films, among which "Nova Dubai" (2014), "Lembro Mais dos Corvos" (2018), "A Rosa Azul de Novalis" (2019), "Vil,má" (2020), "Desaprender a Dormir" (2021).



Dora Amorim, Júlia Machado, Fábio Leal, Gustavo Vinagre, Thais Vidal, Julia Alves


Fábio Leal, Gustavo Vinagre, Tainá Tokitaka


Carué Contreiras (Ator Principal), Ernesto Filho (Ator Principal), Flip Couto (Ator Principal), Kako Arancíbia (Ator Principal), Marcos Visnadi (Ator Principal), Micaela Cyrino (Ator Principal), Paulx Castello (Ator Principal), Ronaldo Serruya (Ator Principal)


Tiago Calazans


Beatriz Pomar, Quentin Delaroche


Juliana Santana, Nicolau Domingues


Nicolau Domingues