“Green Cemetery”, an experimental film by Maurício Chades, could be a film about death, but that is far from accurate. A recently retired woman – Lavinia – is living the dream of owning her own home. In order to create a garden just like her mother’s, where plants help one another, the wrecked biome of the tropical savanna gives way to an agroforest built upon the memories of her deceased relatives. With murmurs that  hint at either a secret or a prayer, Lavinia turns impossibility into a worship of life. (K.M.)


Maurício Chades

Maurício Chades is an artist and filmmaker from Brazil. He holds a BA in Cinema Studies and an MA in Art and Technology from the University of Brasilia, and an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His works in film, installation, sculpture, and performance, have speculated about symbiotic, queer, and anticolonial futures. His work has been shown worldwide, such as at Queer Lisbon, Curitiba International Film Festival, and FILE - Electronic Language International Festival. In 2019, he presented his first solo show, Pyramid, Urubu, at The Brasilia Digital TV Tower, receiving the Frankenthaler Climate Art Awards in 2022.

Tuesday 18:30
Local: Cine Passeio Ritz
Wednesday 16:15
Local: Cineplex 4

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Maurício Chades


Maurício Chdes


Maurício Chades


Maurício Chades


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