Unemployed and facing a dire financial situation, the couple Young-Tae and Jeong-hee are forced to pursue odd jobs and occupations around the city, but with an agreement: they won’t take out private loans. One day, however, Jeong-hee breaks the promise even though she knows she won’t be able to pay. With a keen sense of humor, director and screenwriter Park Songyeol stars alongside fellow screenwriter Won Hyangra in a quirky comedy about the precariousness of life and work in the ultra-capitalist society of our times. (G. B.)



Songyeol Park

Park Song Yeol was born in Seongnam, South Korea, In 1981. He made his short film, "Night and Dreams" (2013), after graduating from the Department of Film at Yongin University. The film was invited to the Jeonju International Film Festival, the Seoul Independent Film Festival, and the Jeonbuk Independent Film Festival. Park later made a feature film, "Can We Just Love" (2018), which deals with the daily lives of a pair of lovers. "Can We Just Love" was the closing film of Indieforum and won the Best Award at the Jeonbuk Independent Film Festival 2018. "Hot in Day, Cold at Night" is his second film.