After living in Chicago for over half a century, Lore, now aged 96, is moving to an assisted living residence in New York. The process is far from easy, neither for her nor her family. Returning to her mother’s story, 32 years after the release of “The Ties That Bind”, Su Friedrich takes on the role of narrator to face the challenges posed by alterity and aging. The mother says she cannot explain how she feels, but the daughter is willing to make an effort to stay by her side. (C. M.)



Su Friedrich

An indispensable name in American avant-garde cinema and a seminal reference for lesbian voices in the production of images, Su Friedrich (1954 -) began her career in New York in the late 1970s, and has since navigated between different media, formats, and languages. To date, she has directed 25 films, working as director, photographer, and editor on most of them. She is a professor in the Visual Arts department at Princeton University, where she teaches video production.



Su Friedrich


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Su Friedrich


Su Friedrich