The documentary film directed by Fábio Rodrigues Filho revives, through research and editing, the narrative and trajectory of the actor known as Grande Otelo. Based on Macunaíma – the text, images, and Otelo’s preparation for the character – Rodrigues projects the multifarious figure created by actor Sebastião Bernardes de Souza Prata – AKA Grande Otelo, resulting in a “samba about infinity”. Between permissions and contradictions, Grande Othello definitely did not come into the world to be a stone. (K. M.)



Fabio Rodrigues Filho

He works with film criticism, research, programming, and filmmaking. Doctoral candidate in communication at UFMG, he holds an MA from the same university and a BA from UFRB. Member of the groups Poetics of Experience and Africa in the Arts. Director of the film "Tudo Que É Apertado Rasga" (2019). He participated in the selection committee in several festivals and exhibitions, such as CachoeiraDoc (2020), FestCurtas BH (2019 to 2021), FIANb (2020 and 2021), Goiânia Mostra Curtas (2022), among others. He is a film club organizer and film poster designer.



Fabio Rodrigues Filho


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