Filmed in Mexico, Honduras, Brazil, and Argentina, the stories of four women whose lives have been marked by gender violence intertwine with consideration and fluidity. As the filmic space fabricates approaches and alliances, the documentary infuses itself with the survival strategies mobilized by each woman in their respective country. Combining different bodies, cultures, landscapes, and languages the film draws powerful associations to compose a cartography of feminist struggles in Latin America. *(C.M)


Alice Lanari

Alice Lanari premiered her first documentary film in 2018, the feature film "América Armada", co-directed with Pedro Asbeg, in a hours concours screening at the 51st Brasília Film Festival. Since then, the film has been screened in over 20 festivals around the world, such as the 40th Havana Film Festival and the 13th DOCSMX, where it earned an honorable mention. She has spent the past few years living between Argentina, Mexico, Brasília and is now in Ecuador. "Nunca Mais Serei a Mesma" is her second feature-length documentary.



Luciana Boal Marinho, Alberto Graça, Daniel de Souza


Alice Lanari


Ana Paula Gonçalves de Jesus (Ator Principal), Brandy Yuleisy Castillo (Ator Principal), Cecilia Fernández (Ator Principal), Lorena Gutiérrez Rangel (Ator Principal)


Andrea Capella


Ana Costa Ribeiro


Marina D’Ávila