“If you don’t identify with the place where you were born and in one way or another create about it, write me” – Letícia Simões’ announcement in the classified ads of a newspaper enables encounters with the stories of six artists based in Berlin. Themes such as identity, territory, and immigration permeate shared experiences with the filmmaker responsible for “Casa” (Olhar ’19) and “O Chalé É Uma Ilha Batida de Vento e Chuva” (Olhar ’18). With her wandering interlocution, the director fuses different worlds, inspiring a hospitable feeling of impermanence. *(L.B)


Letícia Simões

Letícia Simões was born in Salvador, in 1988. She holds a BA in Communication Studies from PUC-Rio and studied Screenwriting and Documentary at the London Academy of Film, Media and TV and Visual Arts at the London Art Academy. She holds an MA in Cine-Essay from the Escuela de Cine y Televisión in San Antonio de Los Baños, Cuba and an MA in Contemporary Arts Studies from the Fluminense Federal University. Her latest film, the autobiographical documentary Casa, is currently being screened in theaters.



João Vieira Jr., Nara Aragão


Letícia Simões


Letícia Simões


Eduardo Chatagnier


Nicolau Domingues


O Grivo