Where do young lesbians hide when neither in school corridors nor on television screens? Thirza Cuthand, only 16 at the time, uses her video camera to imagine possible whereabouts and, who knows, perhaps convince other teenagers to come out. Filming toys, notebooks, candies, and her own body, Cuthand creates, in her his first video work, playful and ironic images for the feelings of isolation and loneliness that pervade queer childhood and youth. (C. M.)


Thirza Cuthand

Thirza Cuthand (1978 -), Canadian of Scottish, Irish and Indigenous descent, began making videos as a teenager in the 1990s. A non-binary dyke artist, Cuthand works as a filmmaker, video artist, screenwriter, and performer, exploring themes such as sexual and gender identity, mental health, and Indigenous ancestry.



Thirza Cuthand


Carla-Marie Powers, Lyndsay Baillie, Thirza Cuthand


Thirza Cuthand