“Lonely rivers flow to the sea, to the open arms of the sea, lonely rivers sigh: wait for me, wait for me. I’ll be coming home, wait for me.” We see several men attentively staring at somewhere as Elvis Presley’s echoes, in June 1977, by now very sick and close to death, singing his most desperate version of Unchained Melody. These men are also alone, in an eternal state of waiting, a workforce within a system that always leaves them adrift to their own identities. (C. A)




Mauro Herce

Mauro Herce graduated in Engineering & Fine Arts before enrolling at EICTV (Cuba) and Louis Lumière (France) Film Schools. Since then he has been working as a director of photography on films such as Fire Will Come (Oliver Laxe), Longa Noite (Eloy Enciso), Pour Le Réconfort (Vincent Macaigne), Arraianos (Eloy Enciso), Slimane (José Alayon). His first feature film as a director, Dead Slow Ahead, won the Special Jury Prize in Locarno 2015 (Filmmakers of the present) among many others.



Jose Alayon, Jasmina Sijercic, Mauro Herce


Mauro Herce


Manuel Muñoz Rivas


Jonathan Darch, Daniel Fernández


Festival del Film Locarno
Festival Internacional de Cine de Gijón
Jeonju International Film Festival
Doclisboa – International Film Festival
Antofacine – Festival Internacional de Antofagasta
FICUNAM – Festival Internacional de Cine de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
TRANSCINEMA – Festival de Cine de No-Ficción
Mar del Plata Film Festival
Torino Film Festival