In Lunch Break, we witness the novelty of a rediscovered tradition: the formation of workers’ class consciousness amid a clash which intersects shared sociability and the fissures imposed by a myriad of individual stories. Nina Kopko resumes the Brechtian tradition of modern Brazilian cinema, in her penchant for frontality and by bringing political discourse to the proscenium, while placing itself in a rare constellation, alongside films such as “Trabalhadoras metalúrgicas” e “Mariana, Paraná e Greve”, which localize the female experience within the factory world. *(E.B)


Nina Kopko

Nina Kopko works with screenwriting, directing, project consultancy, and casting. She served as assistant director for the films "A Vida Invisível" (Karim Aïnouz, 2019) and "O Silêncio do Céu" (Marco Dutra, 2016). Since 2018, she has served as tutor in the Script Laboratory at Escola Porto Iracema das Artes. She is currently concluding her first feature film, "Ranço de Amor", winner of SPCine's Start Money notice and produced by RT Features. “Chão de Fábrica” is her first short film.



Letícia Friedrich


Nina Kopko, Tainá Muhringer


Alice Marcone (Ator Principal), Helena Albergaria (Ator Principal), Carol Duarte (Ator Principal), Joana Castro (Ator Principal)


Anna Julia Santos


Lis Paim


Juliana Baratieri

Art Director

Dayse Barreto