This animation film tells the story of Maalum, a black Brazilian girl, who is mocked by her classmates because of her African-origin name. Distraught by the prejudice she endures, the girl wishes to change her name and ends up learning about the culture of her African ancestors. (M. M.)



Luísa Copetti

Luísa Copetti is a visual artist in training, art director, illustrator, and animation director. She has been working with analogue and digital art direction since 2006 in cinema, advertising, content production, and theater. In 2021, she is in the process of producing the short films "Tainá e a Chuva", co-produced by Sincrocine Produções and Hype Animation, and "My Name is Maalum", produced by Pé de Moleque Filmes, and "Para Que Serve As Coisas", produced by Cena Expandida and Thais Fernandes.



Eduardo Lurnel, Marcela Baptista


Murilo Jardim

Art Director

Luísa Copetti