CONTENT WARNING: This movie has accounts of child abuse. Everything looks familiar. Because, in fact, it is. The dishes on the table, the aunts on the sofa, the stains on the walls. By breaking down all these familiar faces, objects, and sounds the director exposes the sheer violence of child abuse and rape when it happens within the “safe” space of this… family nucleus. By way of a confrontational cinema, she talks with and questions her abuser. What she hears from him is awfully painful, and we cannot but feel unnerved and disturbed by these dialogues. Without redemptions or cures, the film and its director challenge us from within the trauma. *(C.A)



Olga Lucovnicova

Olga Lucovnicova is a Moldovan filmmaker based in Belgium. She studied cinematography for six years at the Academy of Music, Theater and Fine Arts of Moldova, and two years documentary film directing at DocNomads, an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Program, delivered by a consortium of three prominent European universities across Portugal, Hungary and Belgium. As a filmmaker, Olga is particularly interested in stories, which can generate social changes and create a platform for discussion.



Frederik Nicolai


Olga Lucovnicova


Olga Lucovnicova


Berlinale, 71st Edition