In this 3D animation, a grandfather moves in to live with his daughter and grandson, a boy who loves to draw. The relationship between grandson and grandfather, at first awkward, begins to transform from drawings created by the boy and which awaken the old man’s aged memory. With a carefully crafted photography and sound, the film invests in the image, above all in the emotions conveyed by the gestures and expressions of the characters. (M. M)




Gustavo Ribeiro

Gustavo makes films for as long as he can remember. As a child, he used to gather his friends to record improvised films, and around the small town in which he lived. Older, he graduated in Visual Arts from the Federal University of Paraná, where he developed his knowledge in the most diverse fields of art. He is one of the founders of the animation studio Fish Films, and Revolution, a digital arts school, both in the city of Curitiba.



Thais Peixe


Gustavo Ribeiro, Gabriela Antonia Rosa


Victor Spadotto