In her first feature film after a pioneering journey in experimental cinema, Barbara Hammer sets out in search of the lost remnants of queer existences in images. Her poetic investigation, which traverses notorious and unknown figures, interleaves archival materials, first-person accounts, and footage of four gay and lesbian couples, approaching cinema not only as a means of perpetuating erasures, but as a possibility to preserve these everyday lives as part of a collective history. (C. I.)



Barbara Hammer

Spanning a five-decade career, the American filmmaker Barbara Hammer (1939-2019) is known for the insurgency of her openly lesbian experimental cinema. A visual artist who has worked with different media and languages, Hammer has fashioned a groundbreaking oeuvre that sheds light on lesbian stories, images, and existences. According to the director herself: "My work makes these invisible bodies and stories visible. I found sparse representation as a lesbian artist, so I put lesbian life on that blank canvas, leaving a cultural record for future generations".