With a cassette tape recorder, Sobode Chiqueño records the memory of the Ayoreo people in the Paraguayan Chaco. Through a dialogical approach, he sets out to understand the past and present of the evangelization process of his people, while at the same time longing to recover, without concealing his own loathing of white violence, the remnants of a lost paradise. Ullón’s images, particularly devoted to the faces of those who speak among conversations organized by the character, make way for other expressivities amid a precious collection of words. *(L.B)



Arami Ullón

Arami Ullón was born in Asuncion, Paraguay on October 3, 1978. She is the writer, director, and producer of the awarded documentary Cloudy Times. She lives in Switzerland and Paraguay. Ullón started her career at age 16, and she is considered a pioneer and innovator in the movie industry in Paraguay.



Pascal Traeschlin


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