The first feature film directed by a Black woman in Cuba, this engaging docudrama was released after the untimely death of Sara Gómez, in 1974. Filmed in 16mm and now screened in a restored copy, the work casts an acute sociological analysis of Havana through the fictional love story of workers Yolanda and Mario, who hold different worldviews. Venturing on a pioneering intersection between revolutionary commitment, feminist perspective, and the awakening of a new critical consciousness, this classic Cuban film sheds light on both its original context and our current times. (C. I.)


Sara Gómez

Cuban filmmaker Sara Gómez (1942-1974) played a seminal role with her work in cinema and at the Cuban Institute of Art and Cinematographic Industry (ICAIC). In a tragically short career, the filmmaker directed, over the course of 10 years (during which time she was the sole woman filmmaker at the ICAIC), 16 documentaries and was assistant director in films such as "Salut le Cubains", by Agnés Varda, and "Cumbite" by Tomás Gutierrez Alea. In 1974, Gómez directed her first feature film "One Way or Another", but died before concluding editing in what became the first film directed by a Black woman in Cuba.



Sara Gómez, Tomás Gonzales Perez, Tomás Gutiérrez Alea, Julio García Espinosa


Isaura Mendoza, Mario Balmaseda, Yolanda Cuéllar


Luis García


Germinal Hernández

Art Director

Roberto Larrabure