Entangled in a real estate venture in a popular area of Recife for a family company project, Sérgio (Marco Ricca) lives between the dubious inheritances (practical and personal) passed on by his dying father and the attempts to keep in touch with his son, on the cusp of adulthood. Lordello’s new fiction film tries to couple itself with the gaze of a character in crisis, who sees himself disconnected from his time: no longer functioning by the rules of what came before, yet unable to relate to the approaching future. What place remains for him in this city, country, world? (E. V.)



Marcelo Lordello

Born in Brasilia in 1981, he holds a BA in Communications Studies and has been a filmmaker since 2003. Member of production company Trincheira Films, also works as a cinematographer and editor. "Watchmen" (2010), documentary, premiered at the Brasilia Festival, shown at Filmfest München and BAFICI. "They'll Come Back" (2012), first feature film fiction, awarded best film by the jury and critics of the 45th Festival de Brasília and had international premiere in the Tiger Competition in Rotterdan 2013.



Mannu Costa


Marcelo Lordello, Fábio Meira


Marco Ricca, Gustavo Patriota, Thomas Aquino, Rejane Faria, Nelson Baskerville, Selma Egrei, Fabiana Pirro


Bárbara Alvarez


Eduardo Serrano


Moabe Filho, Guga Rocha, Nicolau Domingues, Jean-Guy Véran


Piero Biachi, Rodrigo Caçapa, Mateus Alves

Art Director

Iomana Rocha, Yanna Luz