Starting from a reel of film purchased over the internet without prior knowledge of its content, the director launches an investigation, also online, that will unveil unexpected secrets about the images seen in that family archive material. In this film-process, the power of moving images to record much more than one imagines when turning on a camera gradually reveals itself, while editing asserts itself as a possible allied tool for a historical and political counterattack. (E. V.)



Janaína Nagata

Janaína Nagata is an artist and researcher. In 2016, she began to explore manual intervention processes in film. Her work has been selected for group exhibitions in several countries. She took on art residencies at the Center d'Art i Creació Ses Voltes, in Palma de Mallorca; at the Shangyuan Art Museum, in Beijing; and at the São Paulo Cultural Center. She was the winner of the 22nd Visualidade Nascente/USP Award. She holds a BA in Arts, an MA in Visual Arts, and is currently a doctoral candidate in Visual Arts at ECA/USP.



Julia Alves, André Manfrim


Janaína Nagata, Clara Bastos


Clara Bastos


Gustavo Vellutini