This year marks the centenary of one of the most extravagant films of the silent period, a cult classic directed independently by Bryant and Nazimova and starring the legendary actress herself. Adapted from Oscar Wilde’s 1891 play, the film is inspired by the biblical tale of Salome, who, after dancing for King Herod, calls for the execution of the prophet John the Baptist in reward. A singular and masterful work, from art direction to costumes, which confounds the archetype of the evil woman by embodying, in the actress herself and her openly queer life, the defiant figures who pay the price for their desires. (C.I.)


Charles Bryant, Alla Nazimova

Alla Nazimova was an actress, filmmaker, and screenwriter born in Russia in 1879. Upon migrating to the USA, she worked in theater and cinema, becoming one of the most influential names in Hollywood in the early  XX century. A legend of her time, her life was filled with controversies, including romantic relationships with women and a false marriage to Charles Bryant. Together, they would make three feature films for Nazimova Productions, until the commercial flop of "Salomé". Bryant (1879) was a British actor and stage director, starring in 16 productions, in addition to being a film director.

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Mitchell Lewis, Rose Dione, Alla Nazimova

Art Director

Natacha Rambova

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