Southern Sorceresses follows a group of LGBTQIA+ performers amidst artistic interventions in downtown São Paulo. Their actions trigger debates on social inequalities, discriminations, and marginalized lives permeated by the struggles of the black, indigenous, and urban occupation movements. With a hybrid form in continuous construction, the film focuses less in a pursuit for answers and rather in collective dialogue as a method and purpose. Going beyond the circumscription of identity flags, the film becomes infused by the uncontrollable spark of life erupting from the gesture of taking to the streets. (C. I)



Eliane Caffé, Carla Caffé, Beto Amaral

Eliane Caffé is an award-winning film director both in Brazil and abroad. Among others, she directed Os Narradores de Javé, Kenoma, and Era o Hotel Cambridge. Beto Amaral, producer and director of the production company Cisma Produções, directed the feature films Insolação, Vazante, O Banquete, and Partida. Carla Caffé, artist, teacher, and art director for the feature films Os Narradores de Javé, Era o Hotel Cambridge, and Central do Brasil. Southern Sorceresses is the first feature in which Beto Amaral and Carla Caffé collaborate in the direction.



André Montenegro, Rui Pires


Ave Terrena Alves, Fernanda Ferreira Ailish, Gabriel Lodi, Mariano Mattos Martins, Preta Ferreira, Thata Lopes, Wan Gomez


Leonardo Feliciano


Eliane Caffé


Vasco Pimentel


Carlinhos Antunes, Rui Barossi

Art Director

Carla Caffé


Cinelatino Rencontres de Toulouse

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