A few summer days in a town in the Urals region of Russia, where eight-year-old Vadim takes a stroll alongside his half-sister Christina. Captured through the lo-fi image of a mini-DV, these present days acquire a timeless quality, in which small moments and gestures between teenage friends take on an almost mythical dimension in their extreme simplicity. The record of passing time, in a very specific place, while memories and dreams seem to blend with everyday life. (E. V.)


Vadim Kostrov

Born in Nizhny Tagil, Ural, Russia, in 1998. He relocated to Moscow in 2016. In 2017, he began his studies at VGIK, at the School of Dramaturgy. He filmed his first documentary short film, "The Silent Night", using only his iPhone. In 2018 he left VGIK due to pressure and censorship from the masters. He made his first feature-length documentary film "Loft-Underground", a VHS story of Moscow's underground culture and art as told through the prism of the artistic occupations of the 80's, 90's and the present day. Since then, he has directed several films and released six feature films at international festivals in 2021 alone.



Gleb Piryatinksy, Ulian Avvakumova


Vadim Kostrov


Vadim Kostrov


Vadim Kostrov


Vadim Kostrov


Sheffield doc/fest, Sheffield, England