Under pressure from a back pain and being constantly short of money, Tiago (played by Okado do Canal) experiences an encounter that will reshape everything he knew about his own father, instilling an imminent crisis in his way of being. Set amid the outskirts of Olinda and the Recife middle class, the film contrasts both worlds without ignoring or overlooking the complexity of human relationships. In this universe where rap beats and community life thrive, we glimpse through the cracks of a disintegrating family model the construction of another masculinity. *(C.M)


Fellipe Fernandes

Fellipe Fernandes is a filmmaker and journalist born in Recife, 1988. He worked as assistant director for filmmakers such as Kleber Mendonça Filho, Tavinho Teixeira, and Renata Pinheiro. His first short film as a director and screenwriter, "O Delírio é A Redenção dos Aflitos", premiered at the 2016 International Critics’ Week of the Cannes Film Festival. In 2019, his second short film, "Tempestade", premiered at the Tiradentes Film Festival. "Rio Doce" is his first feature film.



Dora Amorim, Júlia Machado, Thais Vidal


Fellipe Fernandes


Okado do Canal (Ator Principal), Cíntia Lima (Ator Principal), Cláudia Santos (Ator Principal), Carlos Francisco (Ator Principal), Nash Laila (Ator Principal), Thassia Cavalcanti (Ator Principal), Amanda Gabriel (Ator Principal)


Pedro Sotero


Quentin Delaroche


Lucas Caminha, Nicolau Domingues

Art Director

Thales Junqueira