A woman’s body is always under surveillance. This body, covered with fragments from other bodies, must break free. In this poetic and sensorial animation, dance becomes part of a ritual to release physical and mental shackles, in a game where one body is an extension of another, one body observes another, the body observes itself. *(M.M)



Luis Paris , Isabel Loyer

Isabel Loyer was born in Italy in 1989. After studying cinema at the University of Paris, she obtained a master's degree in stop-motion animation at the BAU design school of Barcelona in 2020. Her short movie "La Vie Souterraine d'Elisabet Granget" was presented in many international festivals, such as the Festival International de Film de Bruxelles (Belgium). Luis Paris is an artist and digital animator, graduated from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and in Visual Arts at the National University.