Based on Juliana Jesus’ writings and experiences, Samuel Costa’s film serves as a prelude to a new mode of reflection for black visuality, in which imagination and reality do not necessarily resemble antitheses. “Behind a free spirit there is always a bent column”, with this phrase the director traces the plight of a daughter – Juliana – who lost her mother – Tereza, the woman who raised concrete. Through painful sentences divided between denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance, Costa announces that the ritual cannot stop. *(K.M)


Samuel Costa

Samuel Costa was born and raised in Contagem, MG. He worked for 5 years in a newspaper from Minas Gerais, and left there wanting the world! That’s when he joined Reuters, covered the massacre in the Tahir Square in Egypt, and travelled to the largest slum in the world in Kenya. Following a few more projects, he returned to Brazil and began to contribute to the newspaper Folha de SP. That was when he gave up everything and enrolled in advertising in a technical film school. Through photojournalism he discovered that he could build a bridge between these two worlds.



Eduardo Rezende


Juliana Jesus


Samuel Costa


Samuel Costa


Eduardo Nogueira

Art Director

Guilherme Claudino