In Rio de Janeiro, in the city’s north side, a group of friends turn to making comedy and self-mutilation videos as a necessary escape from the harsh reality of their everyday lives and uncertain futures. From 2006 to 2021, fifteen years of images narrate the (mis)directions of a profoundly unfair city/country as much as the formation of a filmmaker’s gaze. Amidst the pandemic and the dismantling of the public support structure for audiovisual production, sprouts a jewel of sheer energy and feeling: cinema breathes – re-signifying images, condensing and freezing time, rearranging past and present. *(E.V)


José Marques de Carvalho Jr.

José Marques de Carvalho Jr. began producing comedy videos for the Internet in 2005. His cinema career began in 2015, when he directed his first short film, "Coração de Mãe". In 2016 he concluded his first feature film, the documentary "Observar e Absorver". In 2018, he directed the feature film "Idioma Desconhecido". In 2021, he directed "O Sonho do Inútil", a film that portrays his journey alongside his friends, a group of young people who found through art an escape from the reality of living in a poor and violent neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro.



Ninguém Filmes


José Marques de Carvalho Jr.


Douglas Santos (Ator Principal), Aluã Topeira (Ator Principal), Daniel Nascimento (Ator Principal), Diego Ald (Ator Principal)


José Marques de de Carvalho Jr.


José Marques de Carvalho Jr.


Douglas Omaskot


Leo Zapata, Douglas Omaskot