Scientist Seth Brundle (masterfully played by Jeff Goldblum) may change the world with his new discovery: revolutionary teleportation technology. That is, until he decides to test his new invention on himself. When the experiment goes awry and a fly infiltrates the machine, Bundle begins to undergo a strange mutation and his partner, Ronnie (Geena Davis), must confront the vanishing of the human she loved. In this remake of the classic 1958 sci-fi film, the filmmaker makes his most communicative film, establishing his own trademark in his quest to record the metamorphoses of the body and the tensions between technological progress and the most human traits of his characters. (G.B.)


David Cronenberg

David Cronenberg was born in Toronto in 1943. With a career spanning over six decades, he released his twenty-second feature film in 2022 and is currently shooting his next film. He began his artistic output in Canada, with a series of independent films, before moving to the USA where he became involved in larger projects with more substantial budgets. At the intersection between horror cinema, science fiction, drama, and literary influences, the director has nurtured a steady fascination with modulating themes and imagery over the years, as well as working relationships with recurring actors in different works.

Friday 20:30
Local: Cine Passeio Luz
Monday 18:45
Local: Cine Passeio Luz

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Stuart Cornfeld


David Cronenberg, Charles Edward Pogue


Jeff Goldblum, Geena Davis, John Getz, Joy Boushel, Leslie Carlson


Mark Irwin


Ronald Sanders

Art Director

Rolf Harvey, Nancey Pankiw

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