How may one revitalize the dream of the final crisis of capitalism without burying the bodies of workers in their own ruins? In a historical moment in which the dream of the end of work turns into a nightmare, Francis Vogner places a singular device on stage: a present that no longer seems to belong to our times, a coexistence between the organic and the machinic – which may refer as much to George Miller as to Adirley Queiroz – familiar both to the nightmare of an era’s end as much as the desire for the dawn of another. *(E.B)



Francis Vogner dos Reis

Filmmaker, curator, and film critic. He holds an MA in Audiovisual Media and Processes from ECA-USP. He served as screenwriter for the fiction feature films "O Jogo das Decapitações" (2013), by Sergio Bianchi, "O Última Trago" (2017), by Pedro Diógenes, Luiz Pretti, and Ricardo Pretti, "Os Sonâmbulos" (2018), by Tiago Mata Machado, and the documentary "Guarnieri" (2017), by Francisco Guarnieri. As a producer, he worked on the feature film "Sem Raíz" (2017), by Renan Rovida.



Maria Tereza Urias


Francis Vogner dos Reis, Cássio Oliveira


Carolina Castanho (Ator Principal), Glauber Amaral (Ator Principal), Carlos Escher (Ator Principal), Talita Araujo (Ator Principal), Renan Rovida (Ator Principal), Carlos Francisco (Ator Principal), Maria Leite (Ator Principal), Martha Guijarro (Ator Principal), Carlota Joaquina (Ator Principal), Luis Chierotto (Ator Principal), Allan Petterson dos Reis (Ator Principal)


Alice Andrade Drummond, BrunoRisas


Cristina Amaral


Letícia Yabá, Maíra Romero, Guile Martins


Miguel Caldas

Art Director

Marcelo X


74th Locarno Film Festival