The city shines and seems to know everything about Jaiane (played by Shirlene Paixão), a daughter of Iansã who cries and laughs in the same cadence. In turn, the city knows nothing of Aissa (Welket Bungué), a Mozambican man who will experience unforeseen days in the provincial capital of Espírito Santo. The tranquil boldness of the narrative and the luminous images provide the best of all worlds to the pleasant warmth of the characters – and so we discover that, within this city of Vitória, free time is the time for encounters to soothe the grieving heart among some beers at the bar, samba circles, sea baths, dalliances, dancing, beds, kisses… *(L.B)


Bernard Lessa

Filmmaker based in Vitória, ES. He directed the short films "Tejo Mar" (2013); "Sopro, Uivo e Assobio" (2015), and "A Casa Térrea" (2017), all screened in renowned film festivals in Brazil. "A Mulher e O Rio" (2019), his first feature film, premiered at the 52nd Brasília Film Festival. "The Night’s Substance", his second feature film, was awarded best film in the Futuro Brasil Section, at the 52nd Brasília Film Festival. He is currently working in the pre-production phase of his third feature film, "O Deserto de Akin".



Eduardo Cantarino, Vitor Graize, Bernard Lessa


Bernard Lessa


Shirlene Paixão (Ator Principal), Welket Bungué (Ator Principal), Altamir Furlane (Ator Principal), Melanie de Vales (Ator Principal), Suely Bispo (Ator Principal), Luciene Camargo (Ator Principal), André Félix (Ator Principal), Ivna Messina (Ator Principal)


Safira Moreira


Bernard Lessa


Hugo Reis


Lucas Carvalho

Art Director

Joyce Castello


52º Festival de Brasília do Cinema Brasileiro