Screened at Olhar in a restored copy, this landmark of British cinema from the 1980s addresses the political issues of its time through the dynamism of the video format. The film is the first production of the Sankofa Film & Video Collective and merges a variety of styles: from the narrative of an Afro-Caribbean family, recordings of real protests, to abstractions typical of the avant-garde universe. A film that acknowledges the simultaneity of oppressions by articulating the social perspective of Black women and the cultural spaces of Black gay men, in order to underscore the complexity of these experiences through images. (C.I.)


Maureen Blackwood, Isaac Julien

Born in London, Isaac Julien (1960) is one of the leading names in contemporary visual arts, transitioning between art galleries and movie theaters. His films include "Looking for Langston" (1989), a landmark of "New Queer Cinema", and alongside Maureen Blackwood and others they founded the Sankofa Workshop in 1983. Blackwood (1960) is a writer and filmmaker of Jamaican descent who has worked mainly with short films. She has directed narrative and documentary works aligned with Black feminist thought and which examine Black communities in the UK from different perspectives.

Saturday 18:45
Local: Cineplex 4
Monday 18:45
Local: Cineplex 4

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Martina Attille


Steven Bernstein, Nina Kellgren

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