The construction of a community goes far beyond its erected walls and masonry bricks: it lies in the everyday invention of the commonplace, of life shared in its struggles and victories. Stemming from this premise, this debut feature film (by the directors of Na Missão com Kadu) documents the daily life of the urban occupation Eliana Silva, in the city of Belo Horizonte, on the eve of the 2018 elections. Seen from the inside, the hard-won territory becomes a protagonist as much as its residents, as they talk about political activism, companionship, love. Along with the records and personal testimonies is the (re)invention of subjectivity through art, going up against the totalizing narratives that reduce their existence to a newspaper news story. (C. I)



Pedro Maia de Brito, Aiano Bemfica

Aiano Bemfica and Pedro Maia de Brito collaborated in the short films Na Missão Com Kadu, Conte Isso Àqueles Que Dizem Que Fomos Derrotados and more recently the yet unreleased Videomemoria. Pedro also directed the short film Intervenção.



Pedro Maia de Brito, Aiano Bemfica, Vitor Cunha


Aiano Bemfica, Pedro Maia de Brito


Comunidade da Ocupação Eliana Silva


Raphael Malta Clasen, Rick Mello


Gabriel Martins


Marcela Santos, Glaydson Mendes, Caio Domingues, Nicolau Domingues