Anya is a young woman who seeks to discover something about her absent father figure, but the strained relationship with her mother doesn’t allow for much leeway. When the mother brings home a strange male figure, their relationship only gets worse. Between raves and rituals typical of Buryatia, a republic that, despite being part of Russia, is marked by Siberian culture and traditions, Anya strives to rid herself of the anguish in her body. (C. A.)


Diana Mashanova

Born and raised in Siberia, in the capital of Buddhism in Russia. Moved to London after finishing school, studying BA Cultural and Creative Industries at City, University of London. Before graduating, have decided to be a filmmaker after completing short courses at Eicar in Paris and NYFA in New York. Then studied at London Film Academy. Continued studies at Moscow School of New Cinema.



Maksim Baldanov


Diana Mashanova


Darya Nikolaeva, Darima Lubsanova, Nikita Tomson


Grigory Maykov


shnit Worldwide Shortfilmfestival
Scanorama New Baltic Cinema
Yerevan Short Film Festival
Boden International Film Festival