Viviane (played by Adriana Sottomaior) struggles to balance between single motherhood and waged work. When tragedy strikes her inner-city neighborhood, powerlessness and guilt plunge her into a spiral of mistrust. Combining an immersion into the intimate universe of the characters alongside an engaged social criticism, the director responsible for “Aquele Casal” (Olhar ’19) continues to explore the many facets of violence in his debut feature film, which proliferate and overlap a traumatic incident. *(C.M)


William de Oliveira

William de Oliveira was born in Curitiba-PR and holds a BA in Audiovisual Production from the Federal Institute of Paraná – IFPR. His short film, "Aquele Casal" (2019) has been selected in several renowned national and international festivals, such as the 8th Olhar de Cinema IFF, the 23rd Tiradentes Film Festival, and the 41st Havana Film Festival. He is also the co-writer of the short film "Pausa Para o Café", winner of the Candango Award for best screenplay in the latest edition of the Brasília Film Festival. Ursa is his first feature film.



Daiane Martins


William de Oliveira


Mauricio Baggio


Rudolfo Auffinger, Igor Alegro Nazario


Felipe Debiasio, Henrique Bertol

Art Director

Marja Calafange