When looking for new content for his controversial TV channel, Max Renn (James Woods) stumbles upon a pirate broadcast of a hyper-violent torture show: Videodrome. At first, the video fascinates him, but the effects of its exposure begin to provoke strange sensations. When investigating the origin of the mysterious broadcast, Max embarks on a dangerous journey between conspiracies, delusions, and body transformations. In his first feature film financed by a major studio, Cronenberg vigorously explores the disturbing visual effects and distortions of his protagonists, demonstrating a growing interest in the media, the machine, and the wildest human instincts. (G.B.)


David Cronenberg

David Cronenberg was born in Toronto in 1943. With a career spanning over six decades, he released his twenty-second feature film in 2022 and is currently shooting his next film. He began his artistic output in Canada, with a series of independent films, before moving to the USA where he became involved in larger projects with more substantial budgets. At the intersection between horror cinema, science fiction, drama, and literary influences, the director has nurtured a steady fascination with modulating themes and imagery over the years, as well as working relationships with recurring actors in different works.

Thursday 20:45
Local: Cine Passeio Luz
Saturday 17:45
Local: Cine Passeio Ritz

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Claude Héroux


David Cronenberg


James Woods, Sonja Smits, Debbie Harry


Mark Irwin


Ronald Sanders

Art Director

Carol Spier

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