Inside the famous Pavilion of the São Paulo Art Biennial, the young Mayan Edgar Calel is no longer a body, an immutability imprisoned by the framework of modern white architecture. Very white. He thus becomes air; multiple, ungraspable, uncapturable. “Sharpening words with my eyes”, he offers us another possibility to reflect upon the existence of beings and their capacity for representation. Now that we are facing Calel, we need to de-calibrate how we locate ourselves in time and space. (C. A.)



Fernando Pereira dos Santos, Edgar Calel

Fernando Pereira dos Santos is a director and producer. His first film is the medium-length work "Mapuche - Gente da Terra", 2012. In 2016, during the LABMIS residency, he directed the short film "Admiração de João Garganta". In 2018 he produced "Fabiana" (IFF Rotterdam, IFF IndieLisboa, IFF Málaga, Olhar de Cinema, IFF Brasília). He is currently producing the documentaries "Babylon" and "Samuel e a Luz" (co-production France TV). In 2022 he released the short film "XAR - Obsidian Dream", commissioned by the Berlin Biennale. Edgar Calel is a multifaceted artist from Guatemala, with Indigenous Mayan ancestry. A graduate from the National School of Plastic Arts in Guatemala City, he explores the indigenous experience through the cosmovision of the Kaqchikel people.



Fernando Pereira dos Santos


Fernando Pereira dos Santos, Edgar Calel


Edgar Calel


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Tom Laterza


Joaquín Orellana

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Bruna Lopes Bispo


The Norwegian Short Film Festival
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