Ancestors of the Maxakali people, the ethnic group of filmmakers Sueli and Isael, the Yãmĩyhex (Women-Spirit) periodically visit Aldeia Verde (Apne Yxux), in Minas Gerais. After a months-long stay, the time to leave is followed by a long ritual, hereby filmed by a camera that also plays along with the farewell party, preserving the time and space of what is neither visible nor speakable. Winner of the section Olhos Livres at the Tiradentes Film Festival, the film is the most recent work from the duo of artists and documentary filmmakers in their project to preserve and share indigenous culture through cinema. (C. M)




Isael Maxakali, Sueli Maxakali

Sueli and Isael Maxakali are a couple of filmmakers from the Tikmũ'ũn (Maxakali) indigenous people, inhabitants of the Mucuri Valley, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Over the past few years, the couple has dedicated themselves to the filmic recording of the history and rituals of their people. Together, they co-directed the films Quando os Yãmĩy Vêm Dançar Conosco (2011) and Yãmĩyhex: As Mulheres-Espírito (2019).



Roberto Romero


Sueli Maxakali, Isael Maxakali, Alexandre Maxakali, Cassiano Maxakali, Patricia Para Yxapy, Roberto Romero, Carolina Canguçu


Luisa Lanna, Em colaboração com Carolina Canguçu e Roberto Romero

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