Zé (Caio Horowicz) and Lena (Eduarda Fernandes) get married precisely when their political activism in Ação Popular, a left-wing organization that defied the Brazilian military dictatorship, forces them to go into hiding. Rafael Conde’s film represents, through outstanding performances and a confident and eloquent decoupage, the dark context with glints of hope in which José Carlos Mata Machado found himself at the time. The siege of the State’s repressive apparatus closing in, his comrades either arrested or killed one by one, and the horrors of torture are skilfully intertwined with questions about the ultimate meaning of political activism, his father’s intellectual influence, and the prospect of starting a family and seeing his children grow. (G.P.)


Rafael Conde

BA in Economic Sciences from UFMG, MA in Arts/Cinema from USP, and PhD in Performing Arts from UNIRIO with a sandwich scholarship in Performance Studies at NYU. He directed documentaries for the Rede Minas TV Network. He served as coordinator of the Cine Humberto Mauro and the Film Sector of the Clóvis Salgado Foundation BH/MG. He is a research professor in the Department of Photography and Cinema at the School of Fine Arts-UFMG and in the Postgraduate Program in Arts at EBA/UFMG. Has directed many shorts and "Zé" is his third feature film.

Tuesday 18:15
Local: Cineplex 5
Wednesday 15:45
Local: Cine Passeio Luz

Classificação indicativa




Samantha Capdeville


Anna Flávia Dias, Rafael Conde


Caio Horowicz, Eduarda Fernandes, Samantha Jones, Rafael Protzner


Luís Abramo


Fabian Remy


Gustavo Fioravante


Pedro Durães

Art Director

Oswaldo Lioi

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