Curitiba Film Market

The Olhar de Cinema – Curitiba International Film Festival is an event of a cultural and market nature within the national and international film sector. The cultural facet of the event is aimed at forming and maintaining an audience for independent cinema developed in Brazil and abroad, through the reflection on contemporary social, political, and cultural issues and the possibilities of film language.

As for the festival’s market nature, it acts throughout the production chain of the film market via the Industry MeetingsCuritiba Film SeminarCuritiba_Lab and Workshops. These activities aim to promote the exchange of experiences and ideas, co-production and distribution partnerships and the formation and modernization of new professionals.

In this way, the Curitiba Film Market contributes to the sustainable development of cinema, as it invests in training and maintenance of film production, the formation and maintenance of consumers (public), and generates possibilities, improving the sector, linking and chaining these three fronts.

To participate of the closed activities of the Curitiba Film Market (Industry Meetings, Curitiba_Lab and Workshops) you must do applications on April 2016.


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