Introduction to Film Photography Direction: The Personal is Aesthetic Workshop

12/10/20 - Monday | 9:30


October 12 and 13 from 9:30am-12:30pm online


The workshop serves as an introduction to the basic principles of film photography direction, focused on an analysis of hegemonic aesthetics and the creative potential behind new narratives and ways to look at the world through the engagement of new professional profiles in cinematography. The workshop will take place over two days, in which we will provide a contemporary overview of the professional scenario in Brazil and in the world and discuss the technical choices and dimensions in representation. We will analyze some films and discuss the reality of filmmaking in Brazil as well as the access to the professional structure. In addition, we will provide references and testimonials from professionals within these new profiles.



Lílis Soares

Lílis Soares was the cinematographer for the feature film Um Dia com Jerusa, by Viviane Ferreira, the short films Ilhas de Calor, by Ulisses Arthur, Minha Historia é Outra, by Mariana Campos, Enraizadas, by Gabriele Roza and Juliana Nascimento, and the fiction series Meninas do Benfica, directed by Roberta Marques and Luciana Vieira, and Fim de Comédia, directed by Jéssica Queiroz. In 2020, she received the Helena Ignez 2020 Award at the Tiradentes Film Festival.