Looking at Contemporary Brazilian Short Films Workshop


October 10 and 11 from 9:30am-12:30pm online


Stemming from the transformations within the Brazilian audiovisual scenario throughout the 21st century, particularly in the past ten years, we debate the aesthetic reverberations emerging from issues such as the lower cost of digital technologies, the upsurge in audiovisual training courses, the geographical decentralization of film production, and the greater visibility of films produced by counter-hegemonic groups (women, black people, LGBTs, indigenous people). In light of this, the course analyzes contemporary Brazilian short films (as well as their intertwining relationships), proposing two conceptual fronts (What is digital capable of? and Class Portraits).

Class 1 – What is digital capable of?

Following an introduction to the contemporary Brazilian short film production, we address films that confront the creation of images and imageries and/or which displace the pre-established places of the so-called “auteur cinema”.

Class 2 – Class Portraits

In this class we focus on films that have photographs as their starting point. The proposal is to discuss portraits across their multitude of possibilities: triggering memories, evoking erasures, perpetuating existences, and guarding hegemonic narratives that need to be subverted.